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Evolution Brands is a brand development consulting group. Every campaign, strategy, and solution we create is personalized to your business needs, the needs of your employees, and, most importantly, the needs of potential and current customers. Each client is a unique organization with specific needs. We approach and perform every project with the utmost care, offering our many years of relevant experience.

We take pride in our innovative spirit and strong work ethic. We know that success takes a solid combination of inspiration and perspiration. We take the time to understand what drives our clients, their clients, and the client’s ideal consumer. Then, through a combination of experience, technique, creativity, and good old fashioned elbow grease, we deliver.

Everyone’s got a story. Every brand, individual, or company has one. The team at Evolution Brands comes from a place of telling stories to engage consumers. We listen to the client and the consumer, then conceive of unique and original, yet relatable narratives to engage the target audience and encourage interaction with and adoption of your brand. We are market makers, thought leaders, vigilant thinkers. We leave no stone unturned and no job left undone, or done poorly. To us, a job done well is the only job worth doing.

Our fully comprehensive and cohesive approach to getting your brand exposure uses a combination of new and traditional media, and our staff features teams of experts in both. At Evolution Brands, our priority lies with the clients. We use the full force of our experience and expert staff, as well as all the latest technological innovations and platforms to give our clients and their consumers the best possible chance at success. Everyone’s got a story, so why not let Evolution Brands supply the happy ending?

Our Mission

Infusing captivating design, ingenuity and relevance into new, emerging and existing brands.

Branding services done right

We love creating remarkable and recognizable brands and we want to see yours succeed. Our goal is to ensure your experience is as stress-free as possible, while meeting project deadlines and staying on budget. That’s our promise to you.

Our Team

Thomas MacDonald

Thomas MacDonald

Brand Consultant

Tom’s passion and expertise for marketing began as a musician. When he wasn’t on the road Tom took various jobs and discovered he had an aptitude for understanding business. He went on to drastically increase productivity for corporations like Walmart and Louisiana Pacific. He is now owner and CEO of his own Consumer Focused Marketing agency based in Southwest Florida. Businesses thrive when his experience and an organic multimedia approach to advertising and marketing are combined. Tom is also a licensed interior designer with decades of experience.

Madeline Johnson

Madeline Johnson

Content Director

Madeline’s interest in marketing began during a course on networks, crowds, and markets. A student with a background in personality and social psychology, she was intrigued by all of the different things that motivated consumer behavior. After graduating with a degree in psychology from New College of Florida in Sarasota, she found her place working with the Evolution Brands team. She’s dedicated to growing and expanding her knowledge of consumer identities and creating effective brand personalities in order to better assist our clients.

Kevin Abrams

Kevin Abrams

Web Development Consultant

Originally from Pennsylvania, Kevin came to Florida with his family in 2000. He pursued a Bachelors in Computer Information Systems from FGCU, and later a Masters in Mass Communication specializing in Web Design from UF, while working full time for Apple Inc. Now, Kevin is pursuing his passion in web and information technologies as Evolution Brands web development consultant. Kevin is eager to help growing businesses implement the right technological solutions.

What our clients say

Evolution Brands video production and branding work is outstanding.- Jeff Nager, CMO, American Blue Collar, Stanley Tools Apparel Division
Work product has excellent professional polish. Everyone from the executives to the designers are generous with their time and<br /> knowledge. I feel I have obtained excellent value and ROI.- Pablo S. Hurtado, Esq., Founder & Attorney, The Hurtado Immigration Law Firm
Professional. Creative. Talented. The ideas and strategic development `{`are`}` outstanding.- Stan Ellis, Owner, D&D Air Conditioning & Heating
If you’re serious, I MEAN REALLY SERIOUS about growing your business, Evolution Brands is the way to go. (I’m Curt Sheard and I approve this message).- Curt Sheard, Big Boi’s BBQ
My website receives over 4,800 new visits a week which has gone straight to our bottom line. Use Evolution Brands if you want results.- Eli Mendes, Tropic Trailer
Snikwah has grown considerably in a very short time. Tom and his team have been instrumental in our brands success.- Roy Smith, Snikwah

Honor Your Brand

The Evolution Brands Pyramid

Is your brand strategy directly supported by organizational and operational practices? The Evolution Brands Pyramid incorporates an organization’s overall strategic direction so your brand strategy is harmoniously linked to your organizational strategy. One doesn’t exist without the other and by clarifying brand questions along with larger strategic questions, the Evolution Brands Pyramid can build consensus around both your brand strategy and your organization’s strategic direction. This allows you to do what you say and honor your brand.

What exactly is a Brand Pyramid and why do I need one?

A Brand Pyramid is a deceptively simple tiered analytical diagram that expresses organizational consensus on fundamental questions. We use Brand Pyramids to diagnose and subsequently strengthen the brand strategy of an organization and its products. It consists of 5 sections:

  1. Features and attributes
  2. Tangible benefits
  3. Emotional benefits
  4. Brand personality
  5. Brand essence

This pyramid is used as a tool to assess products, behaviors or plans in order to ensure they are aligned.

No matter your business size, internal consistency and a shared understanding of your brand between employees is essential. Once this foundation is set, you can proactively influence how you are perceived in the marketplace. The Evolution Brands Pyramid frames and organizes key elements of your brand into a single framework so that you can effectively cultivate consistency.

Our Brand Pyramid is also a foundational tool in developing other essential tools for your business such as your visual brand system and messaging framework. Finally, it directly supports our more advanced work such as organizational alignment and management consulting.

Brand Pyramid Test

Take the first step and try this exercise. Ask five to ten individuals at different levels within your organization to write down their unprompted answers to these five questions. If the answers you get are consistent, you don’t need one. If they are widely divergent, you definitely do.

  • What business are we in?
  • How do we deliver value—and how do we do so differently from our competition?
  • Why does our core customer (client or audience) care about us?
  • What are our core values?
  • What is our Brand Idea ?

Can I create my own?

Yes, absolutely. We understand not all businesses have a planning budget, so we’ve created a do-it-yourself version. A handy video walk-through explains each level of the Brand Pyramid and asks the same questions we ask in our live workshops. It also features some of the stories that we tell to help you communicate the importance of a good answer to each question. With this video, you will be able to understand the Evolution Brands Pyramid and know how it is built, and hopefully you will be able to build your own. A well thought-out Brand Pyramid has the capacity to expose strategic weaknesses and set you on the path to resolving them.

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