Brand Development

Brand Development

If someone asked you to identify your brand, what would you say? Would you be excited about the embodiment of your company's mission and purpose? Or would you feel confused, and maybe even lost? Brand Development coaching is important as an organization develops and grows, it's brand often gets lost in the shuffle.  Maybe new product or service implementations have changed the focus of your business.

Maybe technology developments have adjusted the way you approach the marketplace. Or maybe your business has found its niche, but your brand is just starting to feel dull and uninspiring. Wherever you find yourself, the experts at Evolution Brands are ready to implement solutions to help you revitalize, re-energize, and reconnect with your brand in a way that motivates and strengthens your organization with Brand Development Coaching.

We Offer Brand Development coaching on:

Analysis of Brand Opportunities
Identity Package
Competitive Brand Assessment
Brand Identity
Visual Brand Development
Collateral Design
Brand Messaging Strategy
Brand Story Development
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Coaching Services For Brand Ambassadors:

20 Group

A collection of 20 individuals who meet in a video conference monthly, where various marketing strategies and challenges are discussed with their coach. 3 types of 20 Groups are offered: Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, and Marketing Leaders.

Mastermind Group

A collection of 5 individuals who meet in a video conference monthly, receiving more individualized coaching and motivation from others in their field.


One on One relationship with a coach, where specific needs are addressed, and custom solutions and guidance are provided. Both monthly and weekly coaching sessions are available.