Matthew DiPaolo

COO | Founder

It is said, “All that wander, are not lost…” For Matt, it was a journey of Discovery. He knew he wanted to help people and own a business but didn’t know quite what that looked like, thus started the journey to find himself. His college majors went from Math, to Athletic Trainer, to Humanities. Took classes to be a hypnotherapist, real estate agent, and computer programmer. He worked as Personal Trainer, a Massage Therapist, and a Licensed and Certified Orthotist/Prosthetist. He went from building braces and artificial legs for humans to building them for animals. To say he is a Renaissance Man may be over shooting it, however he gained a vast knowledge and skills base during this time.

While searching for himself it felt like he wandered really far off course but God knew his destination. In 2014, Matt decided to focus on learning what God’s call on his life was. That’s when the Momentum shifted. He became very active in his church community and emerged himself in spiritual and leadership development. Matt and Tom forged a friendship in a shared leadership development program. Soon becoming best of friends, business partners and co-founders of Fluid.

It is said, “All that wander, are not lost…” That is an understatement for Matthew DiPaolo.